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Phenomenal concept
04/12/2016|awarenessCultureDad LifefamilyGeneral thoughtsMoustacheness

Phenomenal concept

I was watching the movie phenomenon the other day. It’s a movie about George Malley played by John Travolta, who owns the local auto repair shop in a small California town. After celebrating his birthday with friends at the local bar/hangout, George heads for home. When he pauses to watch a strange light in the sky, he collapses for a few seconds in the middle of the deserted street.

In the days and weeks that follow, George finds his IQ and consciousness expanding dramatically, and develops telekinetic abilities. Despite his attempts to explain what has happened to him, with just a very few exceptions, most of the local townspeople treat the “new” George as a freak. His state of isolation becomes even more pronounced when his new-found abilities allow him to correctly predict an earthquake, and outside authorities become interested in what’s happened to him.

Besides all that, it’s the love story that struck me. George allows Lace played by Kera Sedgewick to sell willow chairs on consignment in front of his auto repair shop. She comes periodically to replace the chairs that have been sold and collects the earnings from George. Later in the movie we come to find out that no one really likes her willow chairs yet she is constantly having to replenish the stock. George has spent most of his “extra” money buying her chairs.
Lace later discovers that George’s house is filled with her chairs and is upset. George tells her that it was the only way she would come by the shop so he could talk to her.

Spoilers to follow!!! If you haven’t watched the movie, rent it and get some tissues ready. Then continue reading…

George is diagnosed with a brain tumor and only has a week or two left. The towns folk who at one time we’re all friends are now tearing him down at the local bar.

The town doctor played by Robert Duvall, who is a mentor and friend to George throughout the movie, is having a beer listening to the comments in disbelief.

Banes: [speaking about George’s transformation] He never really changed at all. Isn’t that right Doc? I mean he never really got any smarter. Doc?
Doc: Banes… how’s your lady love?
Banes: We… um… we broke up.
Doc: Really? That’s too bad, yeah. Now George has a love at his side and she is sticking with him. You know why? Because he bought her chairs. That’s pretty smart to me. You ever buy Lisa’s chairs?’

If you are married or dating someone, when was the last time you “bought their chairs”? Marriage is not the destination. It is the vehicle in which you ride with the other person to the destination. We as men should never give up the courtship. We all must continue to date our spouses even after the “I do’s”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like most get complacent in my marriage or I get busy with life and don’t feel like I have the time. For this we need to make time.

Make time for something as simple as sitting on the front porch together talking and actually listening to each other’s day. Or a walk on the beach. Find what your spouse enjoys and do it. It’s just that simple, yet the simplest actions are the most difficult sometimes.

So ask yourself this question… “When was the last time I bought her chairs?” If it has been a while… Then “man-up” and buy as many of her chairs as you can.



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  • Randy
    04/13/2016 at 6:54 AM

    Very good movie and very good advice. Great job you are doing. Proud of you brother.

    • 04/13/2016 at 8:42 AM

      Thank you sir. I’m doing my best.

  • Barry Cottle
    04/13/2016 at 2:55 PM

    Thanks for reminding me that this is something we must continue to do over the long haul.

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